About British Holidays Direct

Welcome to British Holidays Direct, your comprehensive guide to experiencing the magic of the United Kingdom. With over a decade of history and a wealth of knowledge, we're more than just a website; we're a community for those passionate about travel and accommodation within the UK.

Our journey began in 2009, when British Holidays Direct was established as a portal for advertising holiday accommodation throughout the United Kingdom. Our mission was simple: to connect travelers with their dream holiday homes, cottages, and hotels, while assisting property owners in showcasing their unique offerings to a broad audience.

As the travel industry evolved, so did we. The advent of large booking sites like Airbnb brought about significant shifts in the accommodation market. In response, we evolved and leveraged our deep understanding of the industry, morphing into Web Design For Accommodation.


As a web design agency, we began focusing on empowering holiday accommodation owners with beautifully designed, effective websites, complemented by robust SEO and marketing strategies. Our efforts have consistently driven results, making us a trusted partner in the holiday accommodation landscape.

Today, our journey continues as British Holidays Direct is on the cusp of another evolution. We recognise the profound love and curiosity travellers have for the UK, and we aim to serve as a reliable resource for those eager to explore the hidden gems, stunning landscapes, and unique experiences our country has to offer. Our focus is expanding to bring engaging and informative articles to anyone looking to travel within the UK, curated by seasoned travel experts and passionate local contributors.

But that's not all. For accommodation owners seeking to improve their digital visibility, we're thrilled to introduce an upcoming service. This new feature allows us to craft bespoke articles highlighting your accommodation's unique selling points, thereby boosting your SEO and reaching a wider audience.

At British Holidays Direct, we're passionate about sharing the incredible diversity and beauty of the UK, whether that's through providing travellers with inspiring content or assisting accommodation owners in reaching their potential. We invite you to join us as we continue this exciting journey of exploration and discovery in the wonderful world of British travel.

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