Terms & Conditions for Use

Accommodation Owners

We want to provide a completely free-to-use service for accommodation owners.

In order to do this, we ask accommodation owners who wish to use this service to note the following terms:

(Please note, these terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice to users).

  • REQUIRED: All users will be added to our email list and willing to receive emails from us. Don't worry, we won't be sending numerous emails...the emails will be mostly to let you know important information or changes about the service. We will be adding new features based on the feedback you and other owners provide, and our emails will let you know when new features have been added. We will also let you know about our web design and marketing services; which are specifically for accommodation. Please note - if you un-subscribe from the mailing list, your listing and profile will be deleted without prior notice.
  • OPTIONAL - Donate - you may notice a donation box on your dashboard...if you value the service please consider donating! Donations will ensure we can grow and improve the site.
  • OPTIONAL - the more owners who use the service, the more our service can develop. Please help us spread the word by telling friends who have accommodation or by sharing the site on Accommodation Owner groups that you may be a member of e.g. owner groups on Facebook.
  • By creating your listing you accept all liability for the information you include. It is your responsibility to ensure you use a secure password to protect your account and your listing & profile. Changing your password regularly is advised.
  • By using this service you agree to only upload photos that belong to you, or been granted permission by the image owner. Any images that have copyright and used without permission will be solely responsible for any infringement.